Bourgogne Escargots : natural escargots



The first step to ensuring quality is to choose the right species of escargot :

Four species are consumed in France :

  • Helix Pomatia Linne : The REAL Burgundy escargot. It is the most recognized and consumed escargot in France. This escargot lives in the wild and is found throughout Europe.
  • Helix Lucorum : Is usually called a “white snail” or more simply “snail”. Its shell is very dark. In Turkey and Bulgaria it lives in the wild.
  • Helix Aspersa : Commonly referred to as a “small grey”. This snail populates the French countryside, often the result of a breeding program.
  • Achatina Fulica : A mollusc that proliferates in countries with humid environments such as Indonesia. French labelling laws prohibit the use of the words “escargot” or “snail” to be used in the labelling of the Achatina Fulica.