Bourgogne Escargots : Savoir Faire

Our firm decision to produce a snail of quality led the company, on its site of Dijon, to control 100% of its industrial manufacturing process: from cooking to packaging by way of grading, putting snail in shell and stuffing.
All of our team is highly aware of the quality notion and so plenty takes part in our success.

Bourgogne Escargots : cuissonCooking preparation : The snail is cooked slowly in a natural stock composed of thym, laurel, pepper, onion, carotts and wine.

Bourgogne Escargots : calibrageGrading
: This a 2-step practice that requires measuring the meat and the shell and then placing the escargot into a shell.

Bourgogne Escargots : beurrageStuffed Snails
: Requires a 3rd step in which special Burgundy style butter is stuffed into the escargot-occupied shell. Quantities must be precisely calibrated. Care must be taken to fill the shell with the precise amount of butter to ensure that the snail does not dry out.

Packaging : Our packaging is attractive and effective in keeping the escargots fresh.